Primo Cherry


Primo Cherry Review -Takoma Wellness – 9/9 – Abatin

THC 15.1% CBD 5.9%

The Primo Cherry is a special herb for special occasions. A well-formed bud structure with a carpet of crystals and orange hairs like fractal tendrils. From a land of wonder where ganja and fruit entangle in the heavens. The odor is sweet and appealing, expertly tended in each stage from its cultivation to the aroma as I open the jar. Great pot comes from great intention. The price reflects that personal attention. More sophisticated that the daily read, a strain best kept in the true medical aficionado’s criterion collection. As the local paper says it best, “if you don’t get it, you don’t get it.”

Cured with precision, trimmed with expertise. The stemmage doesn’t interfere as the touch, taste, and effect harmonize in subtlety.  This is not a strain with a knock your socks off mind altering experience. The euphoria attends slowly, tempered by the solid CBD presence, fashionably late. I find it can be enjoyed anytime of day as long as I am not testing its calm with real-world obligations. I would consider it a good mid-level experience for the novice through expert with the dosage varying accordingly. I enjoyed it on its own or blended with the cookie drizzle to accent its CBD proportions.

It pairs well with creative writing, easy conversation and slow cooked brisket. Social affairs appealed without the anxiety present in certain strains that encourage me not to leave the house. At the same time, I can contentedly veg out all day with the Sunday crossword and video games. That is to say a hybrid well-balanced for my disposition. I like how special and exclusive the description made me feel with statements like “bred with designer cannabis genes that just don’t exist in the marketplace”.  Credit is due for an exemplary effort in genetics focusing on reasonable levels to alter the mind and alleviate the body with the “ultra-rare” two to one ratio of THC to CBD. This is not the gallon of generic Vanilla ice cream and spray-on whipped cream, this is the cherry on top.


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